What’s Going On

Mekon Feat Roxanne Shante What's Going On Wall Of Sound

Mekon Feat Roxanne Shante

What’s Going On [I](Wall Of Sound)[/I]

She was, back in the day, the first lady of shell-toed, lino-snagging rap.

She started the trend in hip-hop of female MCs calling themselves
‘Roxanne’ (seriously, many did!), her chief rival being The Real

Roxanne – though, as the first Roxanne of Rap, Roxanne Shante
could better lay claim to the moniker The Real Roxanne, even though

she wasn’t a [I]real[/I] Roxanne, her given name being Lolita


Um, where were we? Oh yeah! Roxanne, you see, might have

her place in rap history, but in the cold light of day, few of her records were

actually much cop. The same thing could be said of Mekon, a big-beat

also-ran who’s made something of a career carving stinky pop-hop with old-skool

heroes (cf his collaborations with Schoolly D). But ‘What’s Going

On’, more than the mere sum of its parts, is a hyperactive go-go shimmy that

recalls deathless early-’80s gems like The Rocksteady Crew‘s ‘(Hey You)

The Rocksteady Crew’ and Chaka Khan‘s ‘I Feel For You’.

Stevie Chick