All Exhale

Luke Slater All Exhale Novamute

Luke Slater

All Exhale [I](Novamute)[/I]

Another excellently paranoiac cut from Slater‘s [a]Wireless[/a] LP,

you’ll want to get ‘All Exhale’ for Futureshock‘s marimba-toting

remix. While preserving perfectly the depersonalised sheen of the original,
Futureshock add club beats and ’88-rave synth stabs to fashion nothing

short of an aerobics record for electronic appliances, the kind of android phunk

your Hoover and video recorder no doubt do their calisthenics to while you’re

quietly slumbering.

Slater‘s own remixes are pretty cool too, casting

his sparse original as some hi-NRG gay anthem as scored by Gary Numan, but

better still is the sleeve: Slater decked out in espionage chic, looking

like Gene Hackman in Coppola‘s Watergate-era classic [I]The

Conversation[/I]. ‘Cool under pressure’ seems to be the theme here – a lesson for

all of us, surely.

Stevie Chick