True – The Faggot Is You

Morel True The Faggot Is You Hooj


True – The Faggot Is You [I](Hooj)[/I]

Wherein Richard Morel displays zero-tolerance for the more homophobic

elements of the hip-hop community with this agit-house missile, growling in a

gangsta-rap style about the discriminations shared by both blacks and homosexuals

throughout history. The gist? “Faggots” are the

“niggers” of white society, and [I]any[/I] form of

bigotry from [I]anyone[/I] is unforgivable – a salient point which, hopefully,

won’t be lost on the too-many mic-slingers who marr otherwise excellent albums

with woefully ignorant and unfunny anti-gay rhymes ([a]Canibus[/a], a copy of

this record is winging itself to you as I type). [a]Morel[/a]’s message is ably

served by the dub-disco production lent by his longtime collaborators Deep

Dish on the brilliantly-titled ‘Poof Daddy’ mix. An album, ‘Queen

Of The Highway’, is to follow.

Stevie Chick