Finley Quaye Spiritualized Epic

Finley Quaye

Spiritualized [I](Epic)[/I]

[a]Finley Quaye[/a] – one-time purveyor of wafer-thin reggae-pop so throwaway

that [a]Mishka[/a] had to be invented to make Finley look badass by

comparison – puts his well-thumbed copy of Bob Marley‘s ‘Legend’

back in the CD rack to make this bizarre record which sounds like
Spiritualized. The clue’s in the title, I guess. And, perhaps, the fact
Finley and Jason Pierce share a management company.

As paeans

to fatherhood go (of which this is one), it’s reassuringly rocking (though even
Jason Pierce himself would struggle to pull off a lyric like, “Looking for a buggy with three wheels” without his

Overlord Of Hedonism persona slipping somewhat), the responsibilities

accompanying paternity obviously agreeing with Finley. “I stopped the drinking and I stopped the drugs”, he

swears in the last verse, though this unhinged track suggests some of the more

lysergic of those chemicals might still be jigging about his system somewhere.

Stevie Chick