Take Me I’m Your Disease

Angelica Take Me I'm Your Disease Fantastic Plastic


Take Me I’m Your Disease (Fantastic Plastic)

Harking back to the glory days (or reign of terror, depending) of

[a]Kenickie[/a], [a]Angelica[/a] take the all-girl smart-arse indie-pop mantle

and shred it to ribbons. Their ostensibly innocuous tumble of sweet voices and

jingle-jangle guitars may at first conjure up the saccharine spectre of fwuffy

wuffy bunny wabbits and the like, but if you listen closely you’ll hear these

girls going in for the kill, sabres raised. ‘Take Me I’m Your Disease’ is

a coy teenage rumination on the point where obsessive love becomes a little bit

creepy, while dark, brooding second track ‘Aching’ would knock out
Placebo in the angst-goth stakes at a thousand paces. They are still

clearly shackled to the limited vocabulary of naive, teenage musical manoeuvres,

but [a]Angelica[/a] are getting better all the time. In a perfect world, they’d

nudge their way somewhere between Atomic Kitten and Hepburn, and

really do some damage to the pre-adolescent minds of this nation’s children.

Rosy-cheeked little girls taking gleefully to ripping the legs off spiders and

occasionally little boys, that kind of thing. We live in hope.

April Long