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Toni Braxton Spanish Guitar Arista

Toni Braxton

Spanish Guitar (Arista)

Now that livin’ la vida loca has become [I]de rigueur[/I] for any American

‘artist’ desirous of record sales in the multimillions (we await Christina

Aguilera‘s Spanish album with interest. No, really), evidently even R&B

royalty are finding it impossible to resist the murky allure of maracas and dodgy

dancing. Aware, perhaps, that she might appear disingenuous trying to pass

herself off as a valid participant in the Latin explosion, Ms Braxton has

instead opted for this: a mawkish ballad about being a groupie for a saucy

flamenco fella, with a little bit of authentic Spanish guitar thrown in for

flavour. All of which sounds harmless enough, in a

music-for-dinner-with-your-parents sort of way, until you apprehend the lyrics:

“I wish that I was in your arms like that Spanish

guitar/And you would play me through the night until the dawn…”. Jesus.

If you ever find yourself singing along to that, you’ve really got something to

worry about.

April Long