Happy Birthday Revolution

Levellers Happy Birthday Revolution China


Happy Birthday Revolution [I](China)[/I]

With the great unwashed digging up the parks of London, pranging the odd

copper and daubing their revolutionary shit all over the streets of the Capital

in the name of Reclaim The Streets, now should surely be the time to rally around

Brighton’s stinkiest sons as they deliver the sucker-punch to Blair’s ailing

administration. Alas, it seems that Mark Chadwick has picked up a John

Lennon songbook, ditched the grime-friendly fiddle-di-dee trimmings and has

chosen to disperse the masses by blundering his way through a mongrel take on
‘Instant Karma’. One suspects, judging by the revolutionary-flavoured

packaging – a clenched left hand! Punch the air, comrade! – that this is some

half-arsed tribute to every student’s handsome wall-gracer, Che Guevara. Which

makes this the first time ever that someone could describe the [a]Levellers[/a]

as being ‘a bit style over content’. So, in summary: the day that a dog tied to a

bit of string brings down the government is the day that we start giving the

[a]Levellers[/a] an inch of credence. Good intentions comprehensively dashed?

Right, let’s go harpoon some dolphins.

Louis Pattison