Judith (Danny Lohner Remix)

A Perfect Circle Judith (Danny Lohner Remix) Virgin

A Perfect Circle

Judith (Danny Lohner Remix) [I](Virgin)[/I]

Public demand – it’s the mistress that all gentlemanly record companies will

gladly court, so long as there’s some way of milking some money out of the sorry

bitch. Such is the case here, a quite corkingly goth-mungous industrial

drum’n’bass remix of the last single by nu-metal grinders A Perfect

Circle. But why is it here, now? Why, the Internet, of course; it emerged for

free on MP3 a few months back, became the subject of excitable online whispers

and – hey presto! – an eager, salivating fanbase, formed not by lashings of

wildly spunked advertising money, but by the only hype that an educated public

deems worth believing: word of mouth.

So, as the last nails are pounded into

Napster’s coffin, it’s worth sitting back and contemplating, just for a moment:

are these record company guys c***s or what?

Louis Pattison