Sunshine And Grease

Royal Trux Sunshine And Grease Domino

Royal Trux

Sunshine And Grease [I](Domino)[/I]

Immaculate aesthetic and everything, but [a]Royal Trux[/a] have been

responsible for their fair share of off-days. Anyone foolish enough to have

exhumed the vaults will be aware that they’ve made, in ‘Twin Infinitives’,

the worst album of all time – and while, hell, they’ve certainly had their

moments, even that last album was a bit of stinker, wasn’t it? True to sporadic

form, ‘Sunshine And Grease’ is more, um, intriguing than thrilling, sounding as

it does like a [I]Spinal Tap[/I]-esque onstage overdose played back in slo-mo, as

a truckload of cowbells falls down the stairs in the background. Sure, when
Herrema and Hagerty join each other in caterwauling harmony,

yelping like a pair of rutting gutter-bred strays, there’s a thrilling reminder

of what makes [a]Royal Trux[/a] the occasional mistimed bender of squalid good

fun. But as B-side ‘Zing Zang’ disintegrates in mid-guitar solo, one must

surely conclude that the Trux, they have a genius for something. If we

ever find out what, rest assured, you’ll be the first to know.

Louis Pattison