[i]Big Brother[/i] Theme

ElementFour Big Brother Theme Channel 4 Music


Big Brother Theme [I](Channel 4 Music)[/I]

So which is your favourite [I]Big Brother[/I] monkey? Nasty Nick? Irish

bloke? Bisexual nun? Not since the last Placebo interview have a group of

irritating exhibitionists been given so much free publicity, yet still we’re

drawn to their exploits like flies to a festering, pustulating sore. It could get

worse: in Germany, three [I]Big Brother[/I] evictees were welcomed back to

reality with individual recording contracts and now find themselves in the

national Top Ten. On the bright side, at least those inside the house can’t hear

this piss-poor techno-lite effort which is reminiscent of [a]Abba[/a]’s ‘Lay

All Your Love On Me’ and which passes for the programme’s theme tune.

[a]Paul Oakenfold[/a] is heavily involved in this record. Let’s lock him up

instead. Forever.

Piers Martin