Ballad Of Chasey Lain

Bloodhound Gang Ballad Of Chasey Lain Geffen

Bloodhound Gang

Ballad Of Chasey Lain [I](Geffen)[/I]

Well, what can you say? Call the [a]Bloodhound Gang[/a] puerile, homophobic

sexists and you look like a prude. Celebrate their charmless no-brainer MTV

schtick and you’re as much a c*** as they are. This is a phenomenally bad record,

obviously, but it commands your undivided attention like a sensationally prurient

edition of [I]The Jerry Springer Show[/I]. “You’ve had a

lot of dick, Chasey, but you ain’t had mine”, simpers Jimmy Pop,

addressing porn queen Chasey Lain, “would you fuck

me for blow”. And Western civilisation as we know it crumbles to dust as

the debate about whether the [a]Bloodhound Gang[/a] are being ironic or funny or

clever or utter imbeciles dawdles ever onwards. Ignore them and perhaps they’ll

disappear; surely they can’t, ahem, keep this up much longer? But at the moment,

like the spread of AIDS across Africa, they’re unstoppable.

Piers Martin