How’d I Do Dat???

Bentley Rhythm Ace How'd I Do Dat??? Parlophone

Bentley Rhythm Ace

How’d I Do Dat??? [I](Parlophone)[/I]

With the name [a]Bentley Rhythm Ace[/a] now synonymous with genial but wholly

average dance music, you have to wonder where it all went wrong. Everyone seems

to have it in for Richard March and Mike Stokes when in fairness

they’re merely doing what’s expected of them. The deficiency of memorable tunes

on their overcooked ‘For Your Ears Only’ album hasn’t helped matters and

you can’t see ‘How’d I Do Dat???’ silencing their many critics, featuring,

as it does, a typically exuberant vocal from ex-Black Grape rapper Kermit

but really little else of note. They are Bad Manners with a 303 and their

career has reached its nadir. The only way is up. Potentially.

Piers Martin