No Matter What They Say

Lil' Kim No Matter What They Say Queen Bee/Atlantic

Lil’ Kim

No Matter What They Say [I](Queen Bee/Atlantic)[/I]

Evidently a woman whose elevator doesn’t stop at every floor, [a]Lil’ Kim[/a]

basically explains on this, one of the less offensive tracks from her laboured
‘Notorious KIM’ album, that although she sells next to nothing in this

country, in America she very much lives The Life: Versace threads, house maids,

expensive make-up, diamond-encrusted jewellery… the list, sadly, is endless.

Famous for being famous, we must at least congratulate Kim on her

photographic work with genius fashion snapper David LaChapelle. As for her

music, image, attitude, lifestyle, choice of lipstick – Missy Elliott did

it first, and did so with oodles more style.

Piers Martin