Madonna Music Maverick/Warners


Music [I](Maverick/Warners)[/I]

Those who had the inclination and the necessary software could have accessed

[a]Music[/a] several months ago from the Internet, but where’s the fun in that?

In keeping with [a]Madonna[/a]’s ongoing flirtation with all things electronic

and European, [a]Music[/a] is one of her more fruitful collaborations with

French-Algerian rave seer Mirwais, and over his bleep-squiggle disco

skills London’s most famous mother professes her need to “dance with my baby” while observing that “music makes the bourgeoisie feel the rhythm”. And she

should know.

Were this not [a]Madonna[/a] but, say, Louise, chances

are it would be dismissed as saccharine designer posturing. But this [I]is[/I]

[a]Madonna[/a] and it’s widely perceived to be a brave move forwards, though it’s

not a patch on ‘Beautiful Stranger’ or, word has it, much of the material

on her forthcoming album. The video features Ali G. Like, cool.

Piers Martin