Louche 33

Urusei Yatsura Louche 33 Oni Records

Urusei Yatsura

Louche 33 [I](Oni Records)[/I]

Blistering return to form for Glasgow’s third favourite guitar band. Just a

shame it’s a return to the form [a]Pavement[/a] left behind in 1995 and Sonic

Youth before them at some point in the mid-’80s. Still, [a]Urusei Yatsura[/a]

can look forward to experiencing [I]deja vu[/I] this summer when

they play the same songs in the same venues to the same people, just as they have

done, pretty successfully, for the last five years. The album is called
‘Everyone Loves Urusei Yatsura’. Expect blurred Polaroids of furry

Japanese toys on the cover.

Piers Martin