It’s Automatic/Holiday Home

Zoot Woman It's Automatic/Holiday Home Wall Of Sound

Zoot Woman

It’s Automatic/Holiday Home [I](Wall Of Sound)[/I]

So it was the August of ’84 – you remember, the really warm one – and we

were cruising upstate in the Buick when all of a sudden, this record came on the

radio and we immediately pulled over, turned the engine off and, you know, just

listened. “Hall & Oates, man,” you said, “they rule so badly.”

The next

thing we know, it’s 2000 and the guy from [a]Les Rythmes Digitales[/a],
Jacques Lu Cont, or Stuart Price to give him his real name, has

started another band called Zoot Woman with two childhood friends from

Reading, brothers Johnny and Adam Blake. This is their first

single, and both ‘It’s Automatic’ and ‘Holiday Home’ are quietly soulful,

cautiously optimistic soft-synth lullabies reminiscent of Hall &

Oates, Chicago, Boston and, most recently, Phoenix. They really shouldn’t

make them like this any more. But you’re glad they do.

Piers Martin