Black Coffee

All Saints Black Coffee London

All Saints

Black Coffee (London)

There are many reasons to hate this on principle. The ‘grown-up’ title. The

inevitable blanket coverage on every radio station. And the fact that everyone in

Britain is sick of seeing the ubiquitous Appletons falling out of their

dresses, the Met Bar and their latest celebrity relationship. The recent photos

of Nic’n’Nat in holiday heaven with the two Liams (Gallagher

and Howlett – you couldn’t make this up, could you?) is probably enough to

turn many of you cold.

But none of these reasonable grievances have anything

to do with the song itself, which is – gulp – almost perfect. Like ‘Pure

Shores’ before it, this too is touched by the hand of William Orbit,

and has the same mellow, glossy haziness to it, as if they recorded it lying

down. It’s wistful in all the right places (“I wouldn’t

want to take everything out on you/Though I know I do”), and makes sadness

sound rather alluring like only the bitterest love songs can.

You might be

sick of their faces, but if they keep coming up with songs like this, they can

stay on the radio a little longer. God damn them.

Siobhan Grogan