Good fruit

Hefner Good Fruit (Too Pure)


Good Fruit[I](Too Pure)[/I]

Apart from mild gangster activity and the increasing encroachment of more and more kebab shops, not much changes up in London’s fashionable indie ghetto Dalston. [a]Hefner[/a]’s main man Darren Hayman is still mostly going on about relationships all the time. ‘Good Fruit’ is another slice of twee

pie set in marginal post-college London lives. And is once again about girls and how, you know, difficult they can be.

Not as witty as the brilliant ‘Christian Girls’ (including the fabulous suburban hang-gliding sequence in the video), ‘Good Fruit’ still manages to chug along nicely; filling the gap that Pulp left a couple of years ago.

He’s still wearing those glasses though. Thing is, Darren, they can do miracles with contact lenses these days. Maybe it’s time to lose the National Health specs. Yeah,

it’s hard to let go, but maybe it might help you to get a little more jiggy with the ladies than you have been of late. It could make for a whole new you.

Neil Thomson