JJ72 Oxygen(Lakota)



Like the [I]Open University[/I] on BBC2 on Saturday mornings, domestic alternative guitar music is in extreme danger of taking itself

far too seriously. I mean, come

on Auntie Beeb, where’s the cartoons? Dead [a]Jeff[/a] tragically drowned and now [a]Radiohead[/a] are more than likely to go all U2 super-band political on us. Can’t we just leave it at that?

Apparently not, Dublin’s bumfluff-faced threesome are keeping the emotive but dull guitar music vibe alive. Hell, they even have the barefaced cheek to rhyme “you and I” with “we’re going so high”. Apparently the young lovers in the song don’t need oxygen. Medics and biology teachers may beg to differ. As will their old English teachers when they hear this and realise that their former pupils have failed to grasp the twin concepts of bathos and pathos.

Soon there will quite possibly be [I]Open University[/I] courses on Saturday mornings concerning the less than vital or compelling question of whether or not we need JJ72 in our lives. ‘Oxygen’ is a record that asks two philosophically vast and emotive questions of the bedsit-dwelling poet. Namely: has it finished yet? And: where’s the party? Ah. It’s just arrived.

Neil Thomson