I wouldnt wanna happen to you

Embrace I Wouldn't Wanna Happen To You(Hut)


I Wouldn’t Wanna Happen To You(Hut)

Good things have stealthily happened to Embrace since their noisy ‘new [a]Oasis[/a]’ birth and subsequent ‘not-as-big-as-[a]Travis[/a]’ adolescence. It was all bluster, problem skin and unpredictable vocals for a while. At last, they’ve become totally convincing. You suspect that, like some mysterious sea crustacean, they’ve just grown into their own shiny, whorled shells.

This is a re-recorded version of one of the most relaxed, confident songs on ‘Drawn From Memory’ made even more easy-going and warm. It canters along, a non-love song packed with all the falsettos, strumming and beaming horns of

a genuine devotional. Danny McNamara‘s a touch humbler and wiser – “I could never climb the walls you walk through”, he confesses – and seems happy as a clam, even while he’s putting some poor girl off. He’s au fait with the mysteries of the deep, like.