Between The Little Houses

Herman Dune Between The Little Houses(Atmospheriques/Prohibited)

Herman Dune

Between The Little Houses(Atmospheriques/Prohibited)

Ever wondered what [a]Belle & Sebastian[/a] would have sounded like if they were from Sweden, based in Paris, but spent last year studying architecture in Chicago? They would sound just like this. A little peculiar, yes, but compelling, if only for the weird multinational lens they bring to the sensitive lyrics/Velvets chug vision of pop.

It goes like this. David Ivar Herman Dune wanders around Chicago, spotting dead cats and marvelling at the uncharted alleyways in the ghetto, with slide guitar. This is ‘Shakespeare & North Hoyne’. Meanwhile, brother Andre Herman Dune gives up studying philosophy in Copenhagen, takes up linguistics, and has a row with his girlfriend in which he reflects about crabwalking through life being a positive thing, and then goes a bit Nick Cave. This is ‘I Do The Crabwalk’.

Still with us? Good, ‘cos vague nosiness satisfied, we’re off, and the Dune brothers are probably

very lonely.