Over My Head

Lit Over My Head(EMI)


Over My Head(EMI)

Look, we’re really sorry. In a fit

of enthusiasm for all things tattooed, punk-pop and American, we might have given you the impression last year that [a]Lit[/a]

were any good. ‘My Own Worst Enemy’ was pretty catchy, you

have to admit. It dealt in the usual ‘girl misunderstands boy’ guff,

with bubblegum riffs and the sort

of Vegas lounge styling we’ve come to expect from corporate punk. It whiled away three-and-

a-half minutes of our lives tolerably. Little did we realise

that [a]Lit[/a] wouldn’t stop at a

nicely-photographed level of

non-renown, one that would

rapidly be forgotten about once

the olives in the cocktails had

been digested.

No. They went on to pen the worst punk pop song ever, now being used to flog hellish sci-fi flick [I]Titan AE[/I]. It’s genetically engineered to be made entirely of plastic hooks, choreographed jumping around bits, and cod-anthemic repetition that Blink 182 would wince at. In words even they can understand: THIS SUX.