MJ Cole Sincere(Talkin' Loud)

Single of the week – MJ Cole

Sincere [I](Talkin’ Loud)[/I]

As [I]NME[/I]’s review suggested last week, Matt Coleman, aka MJ Cole‘s debut isn’t quite the authoritative ‘proper’ dance album we’d been led to believe – sounds more like a conscious effort to appease the Mercury Music Prize jury than anything else.However, ‘Sincere’, the title track, is something else again. First released back in 1998 to underground but not overground acclaim, it still smoulders harder than his ‘freshest’ stuff, even in this shortened, rerecorded radio-friendly form.

It’s a throwback to garage at its darkest, most compact and upholstered, but its real antecedents are in early-’80s club music – big, warm, Moog-driven meltdown classics like Change‘s ‘Searching’. With its short techno hooks and chocolate-sweet melodic bursts playing around Elisabeth Troy‘s steamily terse vocals, this is a subtler, more contained proposition than those tedious, here-comes-the-bomb techno anthems currently dominating the charts. Still, in the wake of the worthy but less deserving ‘Crazy Love’, this ‘follow-up’ looks certain to get its day in the Top 40 sunshine and the chance to show the other pitiful bums on the Ibiza beach a move or two. Just a pity he’s chosen to ‘mature’ away and diversify from this basic brilliance into fussily academic jazz-funk on the album.

Reviewed by Squire David Stubbs, up from the country for the day to check out the doings of the young people