I Can Only Disappoint U

Mansun I Can Only Disappoint U(Parlophone)


I Can Only Disappoint U[I](Parlophone)[/I]

Taken from their upcoming album, Little Kix (a reference to the eponymous, legendary [I]Seinfeld[/I] episode?), ‘I Can Only Disappoint U’ sees [a]Mansun[/a] return with an efficient outing that’s clean to the point of being antiseptic, though offset by migraine bolts of wah-wah throughout. The title explains all, lyric-wise, and while this is more than OK, it doesn’t explain the extraordinary adulation [a]Mansun[/a] receive, especially way out East.

Perhaps it has something to do with their enigmatic, talismanic, gnomic guitarist Chad, who contributes his first self-penned offering for the band here, ‘Golden Stone’ (not included, sadly, on the advance promo). With his beatific allure and stolid dependency, Chad comes on like a cross between The Rolling StonesBrian Jones and the dog from the Dulux advert. Perhaps he is the X-factor.

Reviewed by Squire David Stubbs, up from the country for the day to check out the doings of the young people