One More Nightmare (Trees Come Down AD)

Fields Of The Nephilim One More Nightmare (Trees Come Down AD)(Jungle)

Fields Of The Nephilim

One More Nightmare (Trees Come Down AD)[I](Jungle)[/I]

They’re back! Darker and gothicker and more covered in Homepride than ever! Like a mighty electric green-eyed beast snorting dry ice through its nostrils, roused from a long and deep slumber… They have risen indeed, from the coffins of oblivion and removed the wooden stakes of critical derision from their hearts. Verily, by not one whit have they altered their sound since 1991, when they bestrode the Earth in their Sergio Leone leather boots. Still, those rhythms scamper like the Hounds Of Lucifer down the blackest alleys of the psyche. Still, gimlet-eyed Carl McCoy growls about Beelzebub-knows-what into the mic like a Hound Of Lucifer whose stomach has started to rumble in anticipation of his Winalot. They’re back! Exactly the same! They’re playing with [a]Sisters Of Mercy[/a] at the Mera Luna festival in Germany in August, if anyone’s interested. See you at the front!

Reviewed by Squire David Stubbs, up from the country for the day to check out the doings of the young people