108 EP

Lowgold 108 EP(Nude)


108 EP [I](Nude)[/I]

How far is a country mile? And how dusty? And how long do I have to walk it? These and other vague and slightly mournful questions are pondered by [a]Lowgold[/a], men of the Home Counties, hands in their pockets, hearts on their sleeves. They want to astonish people with how good they are, apparently, and this is a pretty decent place to start.

Let’s not raise false expectations, though. The
‘108 EP’ is about as far from originality as it is

possible to get – their audible influences are a bit too broad-ranging to write on a page of a mere 2,200 words length, so it’s probably best to just say ‘records that come from America’.

But as we discover them in their shed, they’re doing a pretty decent job of reinventing the wheel. There’s some decent ground covered here all round. ‘In Amber’ is the sprawling opening track, a good, sad yarn that unfolds slowly, ‘Can’t Say No’ a more rocking proposition, ‘The Feelings’ is a bit like Sparklehorse, while ‘God Willing’ adds a bit of Teenage Fanclub into the mix for variation.

And they are all about feelings. Their feelings have been hurt, and this hurts them still. Painlessly enough for everyone else, however, they are very good indeed.

John Robinson