Music Non Stop

[B]Kent Music Non Stop[I](RCA)[/I] [/B]


Music Non Stop[I](RCA)[/I]

Sweden’s answer to [a]Radiohead[/a], apparently. And the question asked of the Scandinavian country by [a]Radiohead[/a] to provoke this answer was, evidently, “Could you, for

our own entertainment as much

as anything else, provide us with

a mediocre facsimile of our own swooping glumness? Or do you

just do beer and flat-pack furniture?” And what an answer from the slightly crap Kent lads,

a bit like a disco [a]Mansun[/a], if that doesn’t disturb the grey corridors

of your post-adolescent laboratory with the sound of raucous and incredulous laughter. Stretching

a telegram’s worth of a notion

over an obligatorily epic four-and-a-half minutes, it’s a hollow wail and no mistake. And bland? It’s

like watching beige paint dry on Brian Molko

John Robinson