Taste In Men

[B]Placebo Taste In Men[I](Hut)[/I] [/B]


Taste In Men[I](Hut)[/I]

Oh, hello. Speak of the shortarse. Burnt spoons on the cover of this one from the indie [a]Gary Numan[/a] and his couple of muppets. So you know what they’re saying: hey we’re subversive. Hey, we’re all crazy boy/girl, girl/boy sex mice. And you know what? We don’t

do the washing-up, either! No way rubber gloves! No way hands that do dishes can feel soft as your

face! We’re Placebo, and we’ve

got dirty cutlery!

Oh. I’ve just been told that it’s

a ‘drug thing’, which makes this even more radical than first suspected, and the fact that the title would seem to be a bit of a ‘sex thing’ as well should mean that hopefully a rock’n’roll thing should be along in a minute. Unhappily, this is not the case, and anything remotely like a tune has been replaced by a huge clanging drone, which makes them sound, more than ever, like The Wedding Present fronted by football hero Alan Ball. This would never have happened if they’d kept their utensils clean.

John Robinson