Wookie Battle(S2S)



UK garage now being something that gets written about in the Sunday papers alongside recipes

for roasted tomatoes and people who take out all the back walls of their houses and replace them with glass so that people in neighbouring counties can see them doing the washing-up, you’ve got to wonder for the health of the genre. The champagne supernova does not,

in the person of [a]Wookie[/a], at least appear to be abating, as the lightly scampering “aspirational music of London’s youth” here takes on a slightly sinister tone – probably because the vocal line sounds a bit like [a]Queen[/a]. Still, “totally Zanussi”, as they say at [I]The Observer[/I]. You’ve been soiled, you’ve been rinsed, you’ve been spun dry.

[a]John Robinson[/a]