God Save The Queen

Motorhead God Save The Queen(SPV)


God Save The Queen[I](SPV)[/I]

The recent ‘revelation’ in a Q&A session with a monthly music magazine that [a]Lemmy[/a] was a bit confused in matters of modern history is compounded for us

again here (as if iron crosses, war imagery and [I]faux [/I]Nazi insignia on the back of their recent ‘We Are Motorhead’ LP hadn’t sufficiently illuminated the M23 to Damascus for us). This cover (presumably some trenchant satire on the Queen Mother’s 100th birthday) of the

[a]Sex Pistols[/a]’ tune – and I bet he liked the whole [I]”fascist regime”[/I]

bit – is just lumbering and stupid rubbish from an old drunk.

Still, some of my best friends

are Nazi apologists.

John Robinson