The Clint Boon Experience Earworm(Artful)

LI>The Clint Boon Experience


This duet with Fran Healy came about by the [a]Travis[/a] singer suggesting to the formerly bowl-headed [a]Inspiral Carpets[/a] keyboardist that all the songs the latter wrote were “earworms” – ie, entered the body uninvited by means of the ear, and, once in place, proved very difficult to shift. Being a Manc, it’s pretty obvious that even if Fran Healy had said to him, “You know Clint, you’re a real fucking shithead,” he’d have written a song called ‘Shithead’ if he could get Fran Healy to sing on it. But anyway. Pretty revolting idea when you look at it, to be menaced by a vaguely retro parasite, but from this unlikely starting-point one might confidently predict Clint‘s highest chart position to date, as the single features none other than Fran! From [a]Travis[/a]! Sounds a bit too much like ‘Three Lions’ being played on a cinema organ to trouble anyone much under the age of 39. But, you know… nice.

John Robinson