Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day

Morcheeba Rome Wasn't Built In A Day(East West)


Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day[I](East West)[/I]

Quite true. But while Rome might not have been built in a day, Cliches R Us, lucky old record buying public that we are, is open 24 hours. Thither with the storecard go [a]Morcheeba[/a]: gospel choir, boundless positivity and expressing the wish that we [I]”live in harmony”[/I]. [I](Looks around) [/I] Hang on, no 18th century font. No offertory plate. No weak lemon drink… I’m not in All Saints Church, Patcham after

all but in fact at THE CUTTING EDGE OF ROCK’N’ROLL, so what the fuck are you Geoffrey-from-[I]Rainbow[/I]-work-with-disadvantaged-children freaks doing here? Go on, fuck off. They’re missing you on the sponsored walk.

[a]John Robinson[/a]