Tout Est Bleu

Jean-Michel Jarre Tout Est Bleu(Epic)

Jean-Michel Jarre

Tout Est Bleu[I](Epic)[/I]

Something of an intellectual volte-face for Jean-Michel Jarre in recent years. The man who was a sexy Frenchman with a synthesiser in a dimly recollectable time before everyone was a sexy Frenchman with a synthesiser, and every French record a bit of disco with someone saying, “I want to cover you in jam and have my dachshund lick it off”, over the top, here he is again. And has he changed – no more ponderous faux-classical meanderings, but four-to-the floor stomping with a young woman in a bikini on the front. He gets it a bit wrong (there’s a sample of some bilingual weather forecasting in it, which seems a bit unnecessarily barometric), but he’s soon on his way to a brighter outlook. ‘Concerts In China’? Tune!

[a]John Robinson[/a]