Minnie The Minx

Mao featuring Pete Voss Minnie The Minx(Candyapple)

Mao featuring Pete Voss

Minnie The Minx[I](Candyapple)[/I]

Pete Voss now fulfilling the role

of Mark E Smith in matters of collaboration (you get the dude

to turn up, he bellows a bit over whatever second-rate bit of technological ding-dong is on

offer, the cracks are papered over and everyone goes home underwhelmed), the [a]Campag Velocet[/a] frontman here does his

bit with drum’n’bass fellows Mao. Ladies are much on Pete‘s mind

as ever here, and thus this recording is peppered with arbitrary shouts of [I]”Trick!” [/I]in a most puzzling and not awfully pleasant way. He’s the Skunk Rock Father Jack. He’s a non sequitur who makes his own clothes. He’s barmy, and he longs for a peaceful future leatherworking in a castle.

John Robinson