Kill or be killed

Bloodclaat Gangsta Youth Kill Or Be Killed(Full Watts)

Bloodclaat Gangsta Youth

Kill Or Be Killed[I](Full Watts)[/I]

Hey, who torched the dancehall? As the heat-haze clogs the mean streets of south London, no man feels the madness keener than [a]DJ Scud[/a]. Under his latest [I]nom du guerre[/I] in the quest for the ultimate soundsystem meltdown, ‘Kill Or Be Killed’ kicks like the recoil from a homemade computerised blunderbuss, spraying dum-dum buckshot pellets into the petrified asses of all who query Scud‘s standing as the godfatha of deranged groove logic. To witness the delight with which he both celebrates and destroys the key signifiers of urban strife is akin to hearing punk rock’s original sin all over again. “Absolute kill-sound for the summer” is Scud‘s own brusque assessment. This selector is bomb, as they most likely don’t say in darkest Herne Hill.

Keith Cameron