I Hate Scotland

Ballboy I Hate Scotland


I Hate Scotland[I](SL)[/I]

Harsh sentiments, you might think. But then again, the recent instance of a million people voting in a privately-funded referendum against the repeal of Clause 28 exploded the cosy myth of Scotland as some innately decent land untainted by the pernicious racist and homophobic tendencies afflicting other parts of Britain.

Edinburgh’s [a]Ballboy[/a] have their say as impressively as is possible while sounding a lot like The Wedding Present playing hopscotch with [a]Belle & Sebastian[/a]. On this EP’s title track, guitarist and school teacher Gordon McIntyre regards the world from inside his classroom, and over a forbidding drone muses: “I hate the way punishment’s at the heart of everything/I hate the way that people bring up their children to be exactly the same as them just so they can justify the way they’ve lived their lives.” Maladies not confined to parts north of Hadrian’s Wall, of course. Sociology doesn’t get much of a look-in elsewhere, with lead track ‘Essential Wear For Future Trips To Space’ detailing its handsome callow jangle ethic to ponder the existential concerns of polar bears, space travellers and – at all times – the sensitive souls of nice boys and girls who in reality probably hate Scotland no more or less than anywhere else.

Keith Cameron