23 Skidoo Dawning(Virgin)

23 Skidoo


Though taken from an Aleister Crowley book, the name [a]23 Skidoo[/a] always felt more evocative of some obscure Finnish football team. This, though, was back in the early-’80s, when the London collective were fusing the gamelan percussive ethic with sampling and industrial diktats in cahoots with [a]Cabaret Voltaire[/a], and hell, they felt as chilly as a freezerload of Fox’s Glacier Mints. Back after a 16-year hiatus, the effects of global warming are here for all to see. ‘Dawning’ is a snoozy hip-hop slope-along, in thrall to the meditative saxophone skills of every aspirational hep-cat’s fave hornblower Pharoah Sanders. Impeccably realised stuff, but one suspects that under the wrong climatic conditions this would be about as compelling as watching mud crack.

Keith Cameron