Ready To Receive

Animalhouse Ready To Receive(Boilerhouse)


Ready To Receive[I](Boilerhouse)[/I]

With Andy Bell confined to minding his language in what’s left of the world’s former greatest band, [a]Ride[/a]’s legacy looks sorrier by the day. Especially the day next week when this atrocity hits the stands.

Mark Gardener may have boasted all the charisma of a punctured tyre, but in their pomp the band he once fronted did have a certain something: the ability to stretch beyond their obvious limitations and come within sniffing distance of God’s flanged armpit. Animalhouse, however, offer an unwelcome reminder of what [a]Ride[/a] were [I]not[/I] all those years ago, principally Jesus Jones covering Duran Duran‘s ‘Is There Something I Should Know’ if this rinky-tinkling boil-in-a-baggy psychedelic shuffle is representative of their oeuvre.

Keith Cameron