Last Night A DJ Killed My Dog

Mr Oizo Last Night A DJ Killed My Dog(F Comm)

Mr Oizo

Last Night A DJ Killed My Dog[I](F Comm)[/I]

A mercy killing, too, if it had to endure breakfasts like this. Quentin Dupieux, the man upstaged by a small yellow creature whose name nobody can remember – no, no, not Coldplay’s singer – undoubtedly has an ear for the visceral squelch, but apart from a title that trades on the unchanging rule that dead pets are inherently comical, this record seems to have been created from a few scraps of leftover thud and some threadbare remnants of static. The excitable yap added by the Shalark and [a]Alex Gopher[/a] remixes ups the interest a bit, but it’s hard to see why the world needs more of this particular track from ‘Analog Worms Attack’. Unless, in true Eminem style, life is going to start reflecting art and you want to bore your poor, trusting, faithful friend to an utterly groove-free death.

Victoria Segal