I Don’t Buy It

Ten Benson I Don't Buy It(Cottage)

Ten Benson

I Don’t Buy It[I](Cottage)[/I]

There’s something slightly disturbing about the way the media use the word ‘loner’ – take a stroll down to the newsagent’s on your own and the next thing you know, you’ve been burned as a witch and your neighbours are giving interviews about the time you forgot your recycling. [a]Ten Benson[/a], though, definitely seem like the embodiment of the unhinged outsider. Men with laundry issues. Men with blocked drains. Men who, for no apparent reason, suddenly decide to build themselves a patio. In the middle

of the night.

Luckily, pop music has given them a safe, if slightly sticky, place in which to exist. Lurking round the bins behind the Kwik-E-Mart with The Fall, ‘I Don’t Buy It’ is a daft anti-consumerist rant, a filthy, half-eaten pop song that seems to have been gnawed by urban foxes before 10B pulled it out of the rubbish, gave it a wipe down and decided it would still work fine. Excellent, but not something you want to engage in meaningful conversation lest they get the wrong idea and try to, like, touch you in any way. While we’re here: could somebody make Earl Brutus come back, please?

Victoria Segal