got your money

Ol' Dirty Bastard Got Your Money(Elektra)

Ol’ Dirty Bastard

Got Your Money [I](Elektra)[/I]

Even his attitude problems have attitude. “I don’t have no trouble with you fucking me/But I have a little trouble with you not fucking me”, squawks [a]Ol’ Dirty Bastard[/a] charmingly and before you know it [a]Eminem[/a]’s sauntered over to say hello and we’re back where we started. A rerelease of last year’s undisputed king of the traffic-jam sound system, ‘Got Your Money’ sees ODB stumbling into walls while Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo‘s diamond-drill production keeps the looseness tight. A life of crime might not have paid for ODB, but this has abundant rewards. Cheap at twice the price. The money’s on the table.

Victoria Segal