I’m Over You

Martine's back, and she's dropped the ballads...

Songs about tightrope walkers are few and far-between in the charts these days, indeed the last such ode was [a]Ant & Dec[/a]’s ‘Falling’ in 1997 and, in spite of having a video shot in Prague, it was shit. So let’s give it up for Martine McCutcheon, not afraid to tackle the social topics other popstars shy away from.

Except, readers, this song is not about tightrope walking at all. That would be ridiculous. It’s actually about trapeze artists.

Anyway, after a series of ballads certified by great record-buying public as Quite Good But Not Very Exciting, Martine returns with a new image, a new hairdo with blonde bits in and – this is the good bit – a new sound. Up, funkier and with more hooks than a shop selling crap film versions of ‘Peter Pan’, ‘I’m Over You’ sounds like a single by a proper pop star rather than some bird off the telly. (And while the tempo’s hardly up there with Moby‘s ‘Thousand’, it’s a step in the right direction.)

Martine reckons this new direction is down to the fact that she’s happier now than last year. Simple as that. And if you’re happy, Martine, it seems [I]we’re[/I] happy.

Peter Robinson