Shorley Wall

Ooberman Shorley Wall(Independiente)


Shorley Wall [I](Independiente)[/I]

The track which got the Liverpool-based Blurmates noticed makes a well-deserved comeback. ‘Shorley Wall’ starts with a pleading, hopeless answerphone message before exploding into a magical twinkly anthem about lost love and big, overwhelming emotions in suffocating small towns. Soaring along on a dreamy melodic refrain, it then shifts up another gear for co-vocalist Sophia Churney‘s crushingly romantic fade-out speech: “She delights in torture/But she holds my hand and never shields me/Because the best shield is to accept the pain/Then what can really destroy me?”. [a]Sophia[/a] sounds like she’s on the verge of tears, and there’s a good chance you’ll be too.

Stephen Dalton