Mixed Bizness

Beck Mixed Bizness(Universal)


Mixed Bizness[I](Universal)[/I]

Argue all you want about the po-mo ironic layers of young Mr Hansen‘s art-driven dog-and-pony show, but this funkatronic slowjam from ‘Midnite Vultures’ packs a hefty whack of Jacuzzi-shagging, limo-riding, pimp-rolling superfly kool. Marrying bare-arsed beatbox electro with Versace-clad uptown glitz, the Austin Powers of disco surrealism shakes his tiny undernourished mojo and, “makes all the lesbians scream”. Which is nice. Barmier than Bootsy Collins, ruder than Rick James, plusher than a shag-pile carpet in the Oval Office – but like his homie Doctor Dre, Beck‘s still got love for the street. Word.

Stephen Dalton