The Facts Of Life

Black Box Recorder The Facts Of Life(Nude)

Black Box Recorder

The Facts Of Life[I](Nude)[/I]

Multi-personality pop auteur [a]Luke Haines[/a] continues his bid to become the South’s answer to Jarvis with this bittersweet, lightly nostalgic, defiantly English snapshot of adolescent growing pains in crap small towns. A chunky lo-fi electro-pop trailer for BBR’s imminent second semi-concept album, ‘The Facts Of Life’ intercuts Sarah Nixey‘s blank-voiced explanation of the effects of puberty with teasing hints of first love in the school playground. By ‘Soul Boy’ the flirtation has blossomed into a full-blown romance, but in ‘Start As We Mean To Go On’ the marriage is on the rocks and bitter disappointment has set in: “cut our losses, screw our bosses”. Haines is an evil genius, and painfully accurate social observation doesn’t get more catchy than this outside Jarvisworld.

Stephen Dalton