Hard House Music

Melt featuring Little Ms Marcie Hard House Music(Code Blue)

Melt featuring Little Ms Marcie

Hard House Music[I](Code Blue)[/I]

After 18 months of insipid trance overload, how refreshing to hear a commercial dance record with stomping house beats and a lung-bursting diva demanding aural pleasure rather than sappy cod-religious fluffiness from her music. Despite being mixed by the chappy who spun ATB and [a]Gabrielle[/a] to their dizzy heights, ‘Hard House Music’ sounds like [a]Basement Jaxx[/a]after a punishing rub-down with sandpaper. A record which insists you listen and slaps you around the face if you don’t. It’s hard, it’s house, and it does exactly what it says on the tin. Respect.

Stephen Dalton