Max Tundra Cakes(Domino)

Max Tundra


A record specifically designed to appeal to lightweight pseudo-intellectual poseurs like myself, but don’t let that put you off. Ben Jacobs, former Warp signing and [a]Mogwai[/a] remixer, is also hilariously inventive in his code-jamming post-jungloid anarcho-tech doodling.

‘Cakes’ sounds like his Teutonic labelmates Mouse On Mars trying to make free jazz inside a washing machine, or some such half-logical humbug. ‘Song For Alan R Splet’ is a fast-forward splatter collage of split-second samples, which is quite funny but mostly just insane. And rejoicing in a splendidly poncetastic title, ‘The Gradual Disappearance From Food Packaging Of The Lettres Ornees Typeface Since The Nineteen Sixties’ is a similarly frantic speed-freak soundmash, skipping through Aphex-style short-circuit techno-punk territory before dropping the garbled timestretch announcement: “I don’t like Streatham Hill I like you”. What can it all mean? Incidentally, Ben, you can still find that elusive typeface on certain instore brands at Aldi and Finefare.

Stephen Dalton