JoyDrop Fizz(Tommy Boy)


Fizz[I](Tommy Boy)[/I]

First time out for snarling boy-grrrl metalkids [a]Joydrop[/a] are all sneakers-on-speakers power chords and shouty-stroppy tantrums about, erm, not much in particular. Sadly, being Canadian, the ‘Drop are medically unable to rock. They probably wear waistcoats, go to jazz poetry evenings and have hippy parents, which might

explain why ‘Fizz’ simply sounds laboured and generic. Thankfully the second track, ‘All Too Well’, points towards far more fertile Luscious Jackson-style white-rap junk-blues crossover territory.

Hey [a]Joydrop[/a] – take the road

less travelled, we say. Whatever happened to Martha And

The Muffins?

Stephen Dalton