Good Stuff

Kelis Good Stuff(Virgin)


Good Stuff [I](Virgin)[/I]

Sung by the most effortless, charming soul voice since Mary J Blige and held together by the irresistible riffs of The Neptunes production team, this has genius written all over it. Kelis is a phenomenon. Nineteen years old, born to be a star (on her rules), she’s had the fortune of meeting up with The Neptunes, aka Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo – the freshest-sounding R&B/rap production team since Missy and Timbaland. Their back-to-basics, floor-stomping style exploded into the world with their work on Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s ‘Got Your Money’ single – a tune that’s still getting massive airplay from the hip-hop/R&B faithful almost a year after its release. Their skills and Kelis’ talent makes for brilliant, visionary music.

Ten seconds in and you’re ensnared by a thudding drum sound and the cheeky, I-want-it-hard-and-I-want-it-now bassline. God forbid she should start singing about S-E-X. [I]”I can love you in one million ways/And if you don’t like it/Send it back in 30 days”[/I], is a lyric that Prince would give his right arm for, such is its pornographic intent and kiss-me-quick sentiment. Peg this down as another average R&B pop hit at your peril – we’re dealing with greatness here.