Coming Around

Travis Coming Around(Independiente)


Coming Around[I](Independiente)[/I]

Arguably Travis’ finest moment

so far, this breezy, psychedelic Byrds pastiche is an instant winner. Of summer days and fields filled with butterflies and poppies, ‘Coming Around’ coasts along effortlessly, dreamily, making it a welcome break from painful stadium rock tunes like ‘Turn’.

If it’s hard to trust Travis and their sultans of sincerity vibes,

then ‘Coming Around’ is the song to win over the cynics – so heartfelt are Fran’s vocals that they’d melt the icecaps. It’s the closest Travis have come to turning from an annoyingly likeable pop band

into something you can take into your heart. If they’re going to

be unavoidably huge forever,

they should always be at least

as good as this.